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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public awareness, now more than ever, of the risks that bacteria and viruses present. Germs are transmitted in the air, from person to person and via surfaces. Any surfaces that are directly touched by skin – most often the hand – can transmit germs to people. Some germs can survive on hard surfaces for several days and contaminated hands can continue to contaminate other surfaces up to 10 touches later.

As organisations have re-opened, it’s important that cross-contamination risks are considered and appropriate steps are taken to ensure that staff return to work safely. An integrated approach to hygiene – that includes disinfection and sanitisation solutions – can help limit the spread of harmful germs.

Here are the Application Areas:

  • Conference Rooms; Rooms & Cubicles
  • Instruments / Equipment
  • Personnel Hygiene; Air and Surface Disinfection
  • Common Areas viz. pantry; canteen; recreational areas etc.
  • Transport : Buses; Cars; cabs etc.
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