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SanoMist Fogger

The main principle of fogger is that with very small quantity of Chemical and water, it generates a desire critical mass of ULV droplets, which gives finest results for what it is applied for. The smaller the droplet size of the spray more effective is the action of the chemicals being spratyed.
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Area of application

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries – Aerial Fogging to maintain sterility in areas like Manufacturing Vaccines, Injectables, Formulations, Bulk Drugs Unit, QC & QA Labs, Microbiology, Production, Packing & Filling Areas, Tissue Culture, Clinical Labs, Medical Devices, R&D Center, etc.

Application Benefits of Aerial Fogging with SanoMist Fogger & Eco-friendly fumigants:

  • Maximum Volumetric Coverage in shortest time span.
  • Highly Effective, Safe, Non Corrosive & Non Toxic.
  • Sterile Area ready for use in 1- 2 hours ■ Lesser micron size mist release avoids surfaces / floors wetting.
  • Increases application efficiency & avoid chemical wastage.
  • Highly compatible with wide range of disinfectants having Ph 1.5 – 11.
  • Fogger models available to fog viscous & dense liquids too.
  • Disinfection of soiled hospital linen, used mops, masks, handkerchiefs, etc.
  • Casualty, Midwifery Bathing abscesses.
  • Preliminary treatment of wounds.
  • Preliminary treatment of burns.
  • Rinsing of hands for medical personnel.
  • In Pharma Industry Sterile Sections.
  • Prolonged storage of thermometer & instruments.

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