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RotoMist Turn Table

RotoMist is a rotating device that perpetually rotates in 360 degree when the static Fogger machine is placed on it. It’s guaranteeing the fog/mist to be uniformly distributed within the embedded space, thereby achieving maximum efficancy of the chemical/disinfectant when sprayed.
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Area of application

Benefits of using SanoMist Fogger with RotoMist Turn Table

  • The Mist / Fog generated from the fogger is uniformly spread in all direction thereby increasing the efficacy of the disinfectant/chemical when used.
  • Larger area with an even distribution of fog particles is adhered.
  • Avoids condensation and droplet accumulation as in case when ONLY static fogger is used.
  • Maximum Volumetric Coverage O Reduces the quantity of static fogger to be used per area O Reduces the dosages of chemical / disinfectants used.
  • Time Saving.
  • Maintenance free and trouble free operation.
  • Disinfection of soiled hospital linen, used mops, masks, handkerchiefs, etc.
  • Casualty, Midwifery Bathing abscesses.
  • Preliminary treatment of wounds.
  • Preliminary treatment of burns.
  • Rinsing of hands for medical personnel.
  • In Pharma Industry Sterile Sections.
  • Prolonged storage of thermometer & instruments.

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